About P3

P3 Nutrition is a local prepared-meals company that focuses on health-conscious cuisine while putting our own twist on every day menu items.
  • P3 has the ability to make eating healthy easy and convenient. Our product is packaged fresh weekly with the availability of delivery to offsite pick up locations in the surround areas or even home delivery for convenience.
  • Our weekly service includes freshly prepared and packaged healthy meals that fit into a busy lifestyle. There are delivery and pickup options.
  • We also offer personalized nutrition that allows you to work with our Nutrition staff to create a customized meal plan that allows you to achieve your health and wellness goals.
  • Catering is another option that we offer. Whether it be corporate or event catering, it's specified to your needs. There's a wide variety of options for you to choose from based on the occasion. Food will be delivered and set up for you at your location.
  • Our menu changes every 2-3 months depending on what food is in season. We have items for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as some treats and snacks, along with a weekly chef's special.
  • We have two sized for our meals: regular and diesel. The difference between the two is that diesels get more food and they're more expensive. Here are the price breakdowns:
          Breakfast Regular = $6
          Breakfast  Diesel = $8
          Lunch/Dinner Regular = $10
          Lunch/Dinner Diesel = $12
If you have any additional questions, please contact us!
Phone: 484-869-32120
Email: info@p3nutrition.kitchen
Website: www.p3nutriton.kitchen